1990s Club Kid Skirt / 1950s Embellished Girdle

1990s Club Kid Skirt / 1950s Embellished Girdle


90s club kid relic! I purchased this piece from a woman who thrifted the vintage girdle as a teen in the 90s, then hand dyed and embellished it with spiders and googly eyes! She said she used to wear it out clubbing! Metal zip on left front side, with hidden hooks and eyes underneath. Great stretch super strong. Perfect shape! Boning in front, sides, and back. “Promise Two-Fold by Poirette” label. All embellishments are hand sewn on, no glue or adhesive used.

Recommended size XS-S.

Waist 26” unstretched

Hip 32” unstretched

15.75” long

Excellent condition, stretch is strong, super wearable, with intentional variations in the dye.

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