1950s Flexiclogs w Box, Ad Booklets, Sample Strap Ring

1950s Flexiclogs w Box, Ad Booklets, Sample Strap Ring


RARE and super desirable early 50s Flexiclog sandals-- with their original box, TWO original multi-page color advert booklets, AND original strap color sample ring!

These innovative articulated wood sole sandals are highly sought after. They are really cool and bend with your foot! I have some in my size and they are the COMFIEST SHOES EVER. Waterproofed maple wood with cushiony insole and neoprene skidproofing on soles. The plastic straps are fully adjustable to perfectly fit your foot! At the time, many colors were available and the straps could be fully switched out. 
This pair is cream colored and marked a size 6 and fit like a 6.5-7.

The strap sample ring shows all the colors that were available at the time these were purchased. There are 13 color styles on the ring. 

Two advert booklets are included as well. One is printed in blue and black, with front cover, interior 2 pages, and back. This booklet features a new Flexiclog high heel.
The second booklet is full color, featuring a front cover, 18 interior pages, and a back. This booklet details several styles of Flexiclogs available, as well as two strap style variations (in addition to color styles), manufacturing details and features. Includes a spread on a new "oriental" style (I have never seen this style documented before!), Flexiclogs style for children, a Flexiclogs style for men with two strap colors available, new springy sole technology, a spread on Hollywood starlets who have been featured in Flexiclogs, Flexiclogs accessories including bracelets, belts, multiple purses, and more!

Original box still retains some of its original Flexiclogs printed package tape as well as original shipping label (name and address have been blurred in photo for privacy reasons).

LAYAWAY available for all items! Message me for details

Condition: Good. The shoes themselves are as is - they show wear, discoloration to the wood, straps could use a cleaning, buckles are rusty, and there are cracks and damage to the articulated areas. They don't bend all the way in some places. Recommend for study or photoshoots, not for wear. Normal wear to box and booklets. Sample ring has some damage at the bottoms of a few of the samples.

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